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News item 1 Is a personal music site that was recently launched in January of 2013. We wish to become one of the well known names in this music industry. Currently our clients will consist of undiscovered artist. Our goal is to develop our artist in their beginning stages creating mix-tapes, setting up studio sessions. We aim to build our own label and sign our artists,we do not discriminate.

   To Our Fans: There will be other features added this summer to the website including; listening to and purchasing music by our current artist.

i make music to entertain the gay,lesbian &bisexual people,i'm not trying to impose my lifestyle on others outside that community;now every great nation restructure it's constitutionfor the equal rights and safety of all it's citizens.

jamaica should conssider that move so that the LGBT citizens can contributeto the servival of the country with thier potential and capabilies;for those that say i'm /we're going to hell and God does'nt like usi'l see them/ya'll there cause the same apply to who kill,hate and cast stones when they are without sins!!...

spoutlife solider,rap

by drew angel

rude boy,dance hall

by drew angel

freak mind

by drew angel

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